The Yellow Peril

My 1923 Ford Model T touring car, known locally as the “Yellow Peril”, is bright yellow and therefore, unlike traditional black Ford Model T cars.  It was one of 2,000,000 Model T’s produced that year by the Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Michigan. The production date of this car was July 2, 1923. Shipped in parts in railroad cars to the Hight Ford Dealership in Skowhegan, Maine, the vehicles were assembled by mechanics at the dealership during the winter and sold in the year of manufacture in Skowhegan.

VIDEO: Resident Connie Prescott on the Waterstone Lifestyle

Waterstone at Wellesley resident Connie Prescott discusses the Waterstone lifestyle, including our robust events and activities calendar, supportive staff and close-knit community of residents. 


Antiques, Wine, Chocolate and Art

The holidays are finally upon us, and we couldn’t be more excited for what the season has in store. To help you jumpstart this wonderful time of year, we invite you to join us for a few events from our busy November calendar.


The First Amendment, Antarctica, Comedy & Acoustic Pop

As the leaves start to change, the air begins to chill and we welcome fall in full, there’s no better way to spend the bulk of your season than cozied up indoors with loved ones. Allow us to entertain you while enjoying the company of friends and family with our full lineup of October events.


Self-Care September: Holistic Wellness, Music & Art History

Did you know that September is Self-Care Awareness Month? During our busy day-to-day lives, we so often forget to make time for our own needs. That’s why this month we’re encouraging you to take a bit of time for yourself — time for relaxation, rejuvenation and maybe even some rousing entertainment.