What is the difference between independent and assisted living?

Because our Waterstone at Wellesley staff work every day with seniors and their families to help them find a residence suited for their needs and interests, we sometimes forget that for those just looking into senior living, the terms can be confusing.


Neil Simon, Arthur Miller and Shakespeare visit Waterstone

Fall is one of our favorite times of year. With the cool, crisp weather and beautiful foliage, it’s a great time to enjoy events around town before the weather turns south. We hope you’ll join us over the next few weeks for performances by Kat Kennedy, Richard Clark and Geoffrey Hicks, as well as an interactive Shakespeare lecture series led by celebrated teacher and actor Stephen Collins.


Study finds link between volunteering and better health

Activity has always been at the core of our community here at Waterstone. Our residents value their active, independent lifestyles and take pride in productivity. When they decided on a senior living community, they chose a place that made it easy for them to continue pursuing their hobbies and passions, and to contribute in the ways they find most rewarding.


Health concerns: be open, be honest

Back in January, we published a post advising you on how to maximize the value of your doctor’s visit. The post contains a lot of useful advice that remains just as true today as it did in the winter.


Sunday Outdoor Concert Series at Waterstone

With its gorgeous weather and longer days, summer is the best time of year to enjoy live music outdoors. That’s why we’ll be soaking up the end of the season with a special Sunday Outdoor Concert Series in August at Waterstone.

On Sunday, Aug. 14, The Winiker Band will join us for a performance at 2 p.m. The jazz duo has been playing together for 50 years, performing at President Bill Clinton’s inaugural ball along the way!