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Helena Dias

Helena Dias

Senior Advisor

Helena Dias brings a wealth of experience to the role of Senior Advisor, having served in similar positions including Community Relations Director and Director of Sales and Marketing at various senior living and healthcare communities.

Helena has devoted her entire career to helping seniors make sound decisions. By expertly providing the best resources and services to support their lifestyle and wellness goals and physical and emotional needs, she makes the journey to senior living a smooth and positive experience.

Beyond her vocational experience, Helena has a unique personal perspective of senior care, having begun her career working with seniors while in high school at a government-run home health agency in her native Sweden. She spent the first nineteen years of her life living in Europe – Sweden, Denmark, Luxembourg and France – and speaks five languages. These experiences have allowed Helena to connect with numerous cultures and has ultimately grown her passion and genuine desire to help all seniors discover the best senior living and care solutions for them.

Helena earned her Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Management from Johnson & Wales University.