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8 things not to do while exercising

Exercising is an important part of healthy aging, and our residents at Waterstone at Wellesley are an active bunch. However, with
aging comes a greater risk of injuring yourself during physical activity, so we thought this article over at Next Avenue, entitled “8 Things to Never Do During Your Workout,” might be helpful to our residents and larger community. 

A short summary:

  1. Avoid having your knees go off in different directions, as this can cause pain and injury. As a general rule, your feet should track straight over your toes.
  2. Never hold your breath. This interferes with cardiac rhythm and can cause you to feel lightheaded, which could lead to a fall.
  3. Maintain good posture. It helps distribute your weight evenly across your body and avoids putting too much stress on any one body part.
  4. Don’t try to exercise through pain. If you experience joint paint during exercise, or if your muscles feel more than moderately sore, stop exercising immediately.
  5. Try not to use momentum or otherwise “cheat” during your workout. Always perform exercises in a slow and controlled manner. Swinging weights, moving too quickly or otherwise using momentum to your advantage costs you proper form and can lead to injury.
  6. Don’t stop short. Use a full range of motion on all exercises unless it is painful. Using a partial range of motion, such as a partial leg press, cheats your body out of results.
  7. Never stop suddenly on the treadmill or elliptical. Taking the time to cool down before ending a workout helps your body circulate blood properly and prevents sudden dizziness and falls.
  8. Use a spotter when you need one, as you could become stuck under a piece of equipment or seriously injured if your muscles gave out during an overhead exercise or when using heavy weight.

Seniors can also consult this great resource for tips on staying fit as you get older, which includes five myths about exercise and aging, whole-body and mental health benefits of exercise and tips for exercising safely.