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New Year’s resolutions for older adults

2016 is fast approaching—what are your resolutions for the New Year? For many older adults, the key to aging happily is to stay active and engaged in the world around them. The following are three great resolutions to make for the year ahead.

Giving back can mean volunteering at a local organization, taking on an important duty in your family, donating to a cause, or caring for a friend in need. No matter the form, giving back provides us with emotional fulfillment and a sense of purpose in the world. Check out Senior Corps, which connects seniors with people and organizations that could use their help, for some ideas.

Writing or journaling is an excellent tool for reflection and self-growth. Recording your thoughts and experiences encourages appreciation and can help you make sense of your life as a whole. Start by writing down opportunities you wish you’d taken in the past, then, make a list of dreams for the future.

Self-care is important at all stages of life, but becomes increasingly vital as we age. Resolutions that zero in on health, lifestyle, relationships and spirituality are the foundation for happiness and fulfillment. For many people, managing diet and exercise is a great place to begin. NIHSeniorHealth is an excellent resource for health and wellness information, and can help you get started.

We wish you a peaceful, healthy and joyous New Year!