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How our residents stay busy

The bad weather hasn’t been a deterrent for our assisted living residents who’ve stayed busy with a daily schedule of fun programs, including exercise classes, games and social meet-ups.

Some of the newest programs we’ve introduced to keep our residents engaged and active include a weekly review of headline news, Pokeno sessions, art and stencil painting, memoir writing and brain games, like trivia, mad libs and word puzzles.

Every day, residents can choose from a list of activities—sometimes more than 10!—to participate in, including events just for them and events that are open to the public. Upcoming public events include a talk by film critic Dan Kimmel on the classic film, “High Sierra” and a discussion by the nutritionist Sandy Peck who is visiting to discuss healthy eating.

We’re also introducing new exercise programs, including our Easy Flow and Stretch Class, where residents are able to stretch their muscles, and we’re continuing to offer chair toning and balance, pool toning and balance and a Parkinson’s exercise class with Train Boston physical trainers—and, of course, seated cardio with Life Enrichment Director Leslye Peterson.

Other new activity programs include Hot Topics with Phyllis, where residents can participate in lively discussions on news and editorials, Analogies and Answers, Name that Tune and various memory games, so residents can exercise their brains as well.

We’ll continue to offer popular activities like our short story writing group, afternoon movies, and a weekly discussion group which focuses on specific topics each meeting. Recently, residents participated in a discussion on the art of Chuck Close, who has prosopagnosia, an inability to recognize faces, and how he is able to create portraits.  

In the upcoming weeks, residents will also have the option to visit a World War II Museum and the Wellesley Science and Technology Expo.

Because we encourage our assisted living residents to be active and social, we’ll continue to work to create activities they will enjoy, and with spring almost here and the mountains of snow slowly thawing, our residents will once again be able to enjoy activities outdoors.