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Exercise linked to mobility

A recent study published in The Journal of the American Medical Association has found that seniors who walk and do daily strengthening exercises are more likely to have better mobility than seniors who do not.

Researchers studied more than 1,600 men and women between the ages of 70 to 89 who had physical limitations but could walk about a quarter of a mile. Half were asked to participate in a daily exercise regimen while the other half took a health education class. The daily exercise regimen involved a moderate-intensity program including aerobic, resistance and flexibility training activities.

Researchers found that after nearly three years, the seniors who completed the daily exercises had an 18 percent lower risk of losing mobility than those who only took the health education classes.

You can read a summary of the study by The Boston Globe, here.

At Waterstone at Wellesley, residents can stay active using our indoor pool and exercise studio as well as the numerous, beautiful Wellesley trails located close by to our residences. Exercise equipment available in our fitness room includes weights, weight-lifting machines, medicine balls and treadmills.

If you’re interested in good exercises for seniors, this guide has many useful tips and suggestions on easy ways to incorporate activity into your daily life.