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Residents participate in Senior Art Show [Photos]

The third annual Senior Art Show is running now at the Wellesley Free Library and features the works of several Waterstone at Wellesley residents as well as more than 30 senior artists. The show is a collaboration between the library, the Wellesley Council on Aging and Waterstone at Wellesley and will run until June 29.

An opening reception was held on June 10, while a community art reception was held for the public on June 14. 

We’re pleased our residents are able to showcase their work and would like to thank the Wellesley COA and Wellesley Free Library for their part in the show. Below are several photos of the show, as well the works of our residents, Al Sweet (pictured with his wife Betty) and Selma Kriss!

Be sure to visit the Wellesley Free Library to see all the works of art before the end of the month.