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Wellesley-Newton DCR bridge coming to life

Wellesley Newton DCR BridgeTHESWELLESLEYREPORT.COM BY: BBROWN The Wellesley-Newton DCR bridge linking Washington Street in Wellesley with Concord Street in Newton: Not since the Chunnel connected England and France in 1994 has a project emerged that has the capacity to link two previously disconnected peoples. The DCR bridge has been in the planning stages for years but should be done by around March and could open to the public as soon as late summer.

Here’s what the bridge looked like in August, before work got started. (A few years back I walked out on the bridge while it was partially snow covered and took pictures and videos as part of an effort by the Wellesley Trails Committee to bring the bridge’s condition to light.  Guess it helped, but what was I thinking?) The bridge will extend from the Wellesley Trails system and the riverway walk to be built behind the new shops and Waterstone at Wellesley facility at the old Grossman’s lot in Lower Falls. Here’s what the bridge might look like when completed. Speaking of bridges in Wellesley, the Mass Department of Transportation Highway Division will hold a public hearing at town hall Tuesday at 7pm regarding the Cedar Street/Rte. 9 bridge Superstructure Replacement. Related: Wellesley Natural Resources Commission Newton Bicycle/Pedestrian Task Force Newton Streets and Sidewalks