Wellness. It’s Our Way of Life!

At Waterstone, wellness is more than fitness programs and activities…it’s a way of life. Our entire community, our active lifestyle, our services and our amenities are all designed to help residents live their dreams, achieve their goals and live well.

Personal Connections

Whether it’s connecting with friends, family or staff, we believe personal connections improve quality of life. To ensure our residents are – and stay – connected, we’ve partnered with Connected Living®, a social impact organization that helps digitally connect our residents to people that share their interests, to technology – and to fun.  Learn more about Connected Living.

Staying Healthy and Fit

Waterstone is the only senior rental community you'll find offering our unique, exciting independent lifestyle, along with assisted living and easy access to quality healthcare services. The renowned Train Boston, professional trainers and physical therapists, provide Waterstone residents with top-quality fitness and wellness opportunities including:

  • Individualized personal training with customized fitness plans
  • Physical therapy
  • Group classes, including water-training sessions in our indoor pool.  Learn more about Train Boston.