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Nothing like a New England autumn

It’s hard to believe we’re already making our way into fall, and that the first week of September has come and gone. Can you believe that in just a few short months, the snow will be flying, lights will be strung from porches and trees, and some families will head out to grab up the perfect Christmas tree? Let's not get too ahead of ourselves, though; we're heading into fall and have at least a few more weeks of snow-free weather! These first few months here at Waterstone since we opened in April have flown by, and soon the leaves here will turn for our first autumn season as a community.

Creating a community, senior or otherwise

If you attended college, you probably recall with fondness the freshman moving-in process. At the time, it was overwhelming, exciting and a bit scary, but most of us look back on those days with a smile. When else do you get to move to a new place, meet entirely new people, and start friendships with no pretense or assumptions? With local college students flooding back into the Wellesley area as school starts, the greater community around us has taken on an electric atmosphere. Wellesley is bustling, and there’s a sense of youth and excitement in the air.

Keeping it current at Waterstone

Conventional wisdom is that newspapers may be struggling, but one demographic where they are still a morning staple is with seniors. There’s nothing quite like turning the pages of your local paper – ours is the Wellesley Townsman – over a cup of coffee and breakfast in the morning; perusing the news on a computer just doesn’t quite fit the bill.

Navigating the Medicare maze with Waterstone

Medicare and its variety of plans and options can be a huge headache for seniors and their family members. Trying to navigate its ins and outs often leaves us confused and unsure. This beaurocratic care plan applys to a huge number of people and as such, there are a vast amount of possible scenerios and outcomes that must be accounted for.

Enjoying what Massachusetts has to offer - a trip to the coast

t's great being located on the banks of the Charles River. We wrote about the benefits of that, and the work it took to make it a reality, in an earlier blog post, "Retirement living on the Charles River." There's something inherently soothing about spending time on the banks of a beautiful body of water, whether it's a winding river, calm lake or, of course, a vast, wide-open ocean. Being located in Massachusetts, in that regard, has its perks.

Musical nostalgia - Looking back on the Swing Era at Waterstone

We've written before about the musical and cultural opportunities to be found at Waterstone and the surrounding community. That's one of the best things about living in such a great town - there's really always something to do, and something for every interest and taste. Something our residents particularly enjoy is the musical events we host at the community. They've especially taken to well-known musician and musical educator Jack Craig. Jack has performed at EPOCH communities across Massachusetts, always to rave reviews.

Retirement living on the Charles River

Turning the old Grossman’s lot, with the abandoned store and dilapidated waterfront, into the beautiful community that stands there today was no easy feat. The store had stood vacant for years and the riverfront had become overgrown and tangled with invasive species, overgrowth, and plenty of trash. Beyond the demolition of the store was the restoration of the riverfront, a project in and of itself. In constructing our community, more than 150,000 cubic yards of earth was excavated, a staggering amount.

The best the area has to offer

Wellesley is, as many know, a wonderful community with much to offer. From universities to historic sites to great outdoor recreational spots, there’s much to love about this community. There are shops, tasty restaurants, and its proximity to larger metro areas like Boston is something the residents at Waterstone take advantage of regularly. For example, we went to the Boston Harbor Fest as part of our Fourth of July celebrations just a few weeks ago. In a few days, we will be visiting an IMAX theater in Boston to see a movie about Greece on the big, big screen.

Seniors and hydration with Wellness Nurse Maureen Horan

Maureen Horan, Waterstone’s own Wellness Nurse, will be delivering a talk next Tuesday on the importance of hydration for seniors. It’s an especially important topic given the hot “dog days” weather we’ve been having in the Boston area lately! Maureen, if you haven’t met her, is wonderful at explaining these sorts of things and her talk on Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. is sure to be informative as well as engaging. Hydration is key to all humans’ health, but it’s particularly important for seniors. Why?

Culture and Waterstone at Wellesley

Culture is a huge part of life here at Waterstone. We’re lucky to be in such a prime location, with multiple colleges a stone’s throw away, Boston a short drive, and cultural and learning opportunities around every corner. We’ve taken full advantage of this in planning events, presentations and outings for our residents. To celebrate the  4th of July holiday, we welcomed our families and friends for a private outdoor celebration featuring Maine lobsters, games, and live jazz music from the Dixie Jazz Band.


Discover Wellesley's Premier Lifestyle
As a highly controlled environment, Waterstone is one of the best places a senior can be right now. Everything they need is under one roof, including convenient services and amenities, gourmet dining, entertainment and scheduled transportation to essential medical appointments. Access to on-site wellness professionals for our independent living residents and 24-hour support in our assisted living community offers added peace of mind.

The safety of our residents and team members continues to be our top priority. Since the beginning of this pandemic, our entire team has worked diligently to enhance and enforce strict virus-prevention protocols as recommended by the CDC and local health departments.

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