An Inside Look at Our Unique Arts & Crafts Architectural Design

We talk a lot about the Waterstone at Wellesley difference and how it relates to the luxurious lifestyle you’ll find at our breathtaking community in Wellesley, MA. Much of our difference revolves around the upscale aspects of living here, but we don’t want to forget one very big difference that sets us apart from other senior living communities: our unique Arts & Crafts design.

More about the look, feel and style of Waterstone at Wellesley

Many of the questions we receive at our information sessions and open houses center on the style, feel and atmosphere of Waterstone at Wellesley. Waterstone was designed to emulate the Arts & Crafts movement, a style that emphasizes simplicity of design, hand-crafted objects, and local materials. It’s a sleek, timeless style featuring wood, stone, and other warm, natural materials.