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Senior Life

Stress-Free Holiday Planning for Seniors

The words “holiday” and “stress” aren’t necessarily the first pairing we think of at this time of year, but rest assured, they’re lumped together in a big way. Think about everything you’re already asking yourself: how will I get all the gift shopping done? Who’s coming to dinner? When am I going to put decorations up? For seniors, this time of year can be stressful for different reasons.

Why Personal Connections Are the Key to Healthy Aging

Eating right. Staying active. Having a positive attitude. There is lots of information and advice on how to age gracefully, and you’ve probably heard most of it. But there’s one piece of advice that has been getting more and more attention thanks to a variety of studies: maintain and build personal connections. 

Will the Waterstone at Wellesley apartments be equipped with a walk-in shower?

Wellesley will have beautiful bathrooms that include tile finishes, glass shower doors and designer fixtures. Independent living apartments with one bathroom will include a tiled walk-in shower. In two-bedroom apartments, there are two bathrooms. One will include a tub-shower combination and the other will have a walk-in shower.

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