Senior Living

Stress-Free Holiday Planning for Seniors

The words “holiday” and “stress” aren’t necessarily the first pairing we think of at this time of year, but rest assured, they’re lumped together in a big way. Think about everything you’re already asking yourself: how will I get all the gift shopping done? Who’s coming to dinner? When am I going to put decorations up? For seniors, this time of year can be stressful for different reasons.


Why Personal Connections Are the Key to Healthy Aging

Eating right. Staying active. Having a positive attitude. There is lots of information and advice on how to age gracefully, and you’ve probably heard most of it. But there’s one piece of advice that has been getting more and more attention thanks to a variety of studies: maintain and build personal connections. 

The New Face of Senior Living Dining: From Formal to Casual

When you take a bite of an exquisitely-prepared, incredibly delicious, amazingly plated meal, have you ever thought: “Wow, this is great – like something you’d get at a senior living community?”

These days, that thought is closer to reality than you’d expect. Gone are pre-packaged fruit cups, watery instant potatoes and yellow gravy from a can. In its place, you’ll find locally sourced ingredients, cuisine options from around the world, made-from-scratch menu options and an atmosphere you’d expect to find in a fine dining establishment.

Why More Seniors are Choosing to Retire in Wellesley, Massachusetts

Just 12 short miles from the hustle and bustle of downtown Boston, seniors are discovering an idyllic riverside town that’s perfect for their retirement years. Wellesley, MA has long been known as one of the best places to live in our fair state, and it’s been made official by a new survey done by, ranking the Boston suburb as the 7th best out of 100 places to live in Massachusetts.

The Waterstone at Wellesley Difference: A Distinctive Culture

When you’re searching for an independent living or assisted living community for yourself or a loved one, you have a list of must-haves and want-to-haves that will help you narrow down your search. From a comfortable atmosphere to good food, from caring staff to a full social calendar, you want a place that will meet and exceed every expectation. And there’s one critical element that’s not something you can see – it’s something you can feel. And it can have a tremendous impact on your level of satisfaction and contentment with a senior living community.

Making the Transition to Senior Living? Don’t Wait.

A recent article in the Boston Globe, “There’s a window, and once it closes, it closes forever,” takes an in-depth look at a question many seniors have at some point. When should I make the transition to senior living?

Waterstone harnesses the power of reading

For many of us, books serve as a reprieve from the “real world.” Whether we enjoy reading about a fantastical planet in a science fiction novel; following another’s life story in a memoir; or learning about an unfamiliar subject in a non-fiction book, reading help us expand our minds, use our imagination and enter other worlds — if only for a little while.


A look at what's happening in April

Birds are chirping, the weather is warming, and flowers are starting to peek up out of the dirt. It's finally feeling like spring around here! I hope you're enjoying it as much as we are here at Waterstone. As you probably know, if you're a New Englander (or know anyone from the area), baseball season is starting again and that means the Red Sox opener is coming up. Of course, we treat this event as the holiday it is here in the Boston area. We're excited to be hosting a special opener event next month, as well as a slew of other fun events.

Beverly Carver named Waterstone's Sales Director.

Kristine Tilton, executive director at the Waterstone at Wellesley campus, has named Beverly Carter sales director for the 134-apartment community that offers both independent and assisted living. Prior to joining the Waterstone team, Beverly worked as an engineer in the computer field. She was inspired to join the senior living field by her mother, and joined a local town’s council on aging. Soon after, she became the sales director at a senior living community.

Just some October fun at Waterstone

First, the team at Waterstone would like to extend its thoughts and prayers to those affected by Sandy. We were fortunate to have missed the brunt of the storm, and residents reported feeling safe and comfortable within our home at Waterstone as the winds whipped outside. We all know, however, that many have been tragically affected by this storm and our thoughts and prayers are with them.