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Senior Nutrition

The New Face of Senior Living Dining: From Formal to Casual

When you take a bite of an exquisitely-prepared, incredibly delicious, amazingly plated meal, have you ever thought: “Wow, this is great – like something you’d get at a senior living community?”

These days, that thought is closer to reality than you’d expect. Gone are pre-packaged fruit cups, watery instant potatoes and yellow gravy from a can. In its place, you’ll find locally sourced ingredients, cuisine options from around the world, made-from-scratch menu options and an atmosphere you’d expect to find in a fine dining establishment.

Waterstone at Wellesley sales office opens

Waterstone at Wellesley, a senior living community being developed at 27 Washington Street, today opened a sales office at 40 Washington Street.

Waterstone at Wellesley sales office under development

The space directly across from the developing Waterstone at Wellesley site will soon house a Waterstone sales office. The lease for the office recently was signed and work is underway to get the space up and running. We’re hoping this space becomes a useful and informative tool for Wellesley and surrounding communities to learn about what Waterstone will offer. The office will feature Waterstone at Wellesley floor plans, architectural drawings, color schemes, sample materials, and sample bath and kitchen finishes.