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10 Tips for Maintaining Brain Health As You Age

The old adage goes, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” but that really couldn’t be further from the truth. As long as we’re using them, our brains are developing, learning and forming neural pathways. In fact, the brain can actually repair itself (just like muscles can), upending the old belief that with regards to your brain, you got what you got, and that is that. 

How a Customized Care Plan Benefits Your Senior Loved One

No two people are alike – so why should care plans be one-size-fits-all? That’s certainly not the approach we take at Waterstone at Wellesley. While getting older is inevitable, and needing support is often unavoidable, that doesn’t mean that the best care should be a list of boxes that need to be ticked off. In order to live the best life possible, a customized care plan – a comprehensive plan that encompasses health and wellness in all its facets – can make a huge difference for you or your senior loved one. 

The Dangers of Driving as You Age

There are few things more freeing than getting behind the wheel of a car and heading down the highway – and that’s not just for teenagers. The Federal Highway Administration reports that there are more than 41 million licensed drivers on the road who are age 65 and older. That’s up from 26 million just 20 years ago, and as the Baby Boomers age, expect there to be a lot more gray hairs gracing the roads. 

Make the Change: Dementia Risk Factors You Can Avoid

No one wants to develop dementia – but as we live longer and longer, more and more of our society will develop a cognitive disease like Alzheimer’s. Since there isn’t a cure yet, doctors and scientists (as well as seniors and adults of all ages) are pushing for “risk reduction” in order to lessen one’s chance of developing these forms of health issues in the first place. 

Spring Cleaning: 9 Tips for Helping An Aging Parent Move into Assisted Living

Although the new year begins in January, it doesn’t really feel like a “new year” until the arrival of spring. That’s when we stretch our limbs, get out, start making plans and do some much-needed spring cleaning. It can be a great time to go through your old things, get rid of your junk and dream big about how you’re going to transform your space (A new deck? More storage?). It’s also a great time of year for seniors to consider making the move to assisted living. 

Five Warning Signs It May Be Time for Assisted Living for an Aging Parent

It can be hard, as an adult child, to watch your parents age and start to struggle. You worry about them falling or neglecting their health or being unable to get out of the house. If you’re in this situation, you may have wondered: is it time to move mom or dad to assisted living? 

What's the Difference? Independent Living vs. Assisted Living

One of the first choices a senior has to make when moving into a community is what level of care is right for them. Would independent living be the right choice? Or assisted living? There are a lot of similarities between the two care types, so it’s easy to be confused as to which is the best. 

Assisted Living: Celebrating and Supporting Independence for Seniors

If you’re a senior adult – or the adult child of a senior – you may have thought about the benefits of moving to an assisted living community could provide. However, you may be hesitating for a variety of reasons. You don’t want to leave your home. You don’t want to lose your independence. You can still do everything you need to (even if it takes a lot longer than before). Why would you want to give up your comfort and familiarity and move to a new place?

Exquisite Resort-Style Amenities that Redefine Retirement

Your retirement years should be the time of your life – and when it’s time to choose an independent living or assisted living community for yourself, you want a place that understands that. A community that knows what you want and deserve, the services that will make your life easier and free up your time to do the things you want to do. A community with spectacular dining services, a full social calendar, a considerate and proactive staff and amenities that make you feel like you’re living in a five-star resort. 

5 Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy This Winter

We all know that staying active is the key to aging well. That’s all well and good in the spring and summer, when the sun is out and the weather is perfect for being outside. It’s a different story in the winter when there’s ice, snow, darkness and cold. It’s tempting to snuggle up and hibernate until the spring thaw hits, but that’s not really the best use of your time, according to Kristine Tilton, Executive Director of Waterstone at Wellesley.