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My view of Waterstone is somewhat different than others. My wife became ill about 6 years ago and we decided to sell our Condo and find a place to live in a "retirement" community. I then surveyed several of the existing communities in the Boston area and realized there were many aspects I hadn’t known existed. Location. Waterstone is located about 1 mile from the Newton Wellesley Hospital and about 5 miles from the Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital. Both are 1st class health centers. If you have a 911 emergency, you’re only a few minutes away from help. Amenities. Underground parking if the resident has an automobile. It’s heated and easy access with safety plans serviced by 2 elevators. Shopping is within walking distance. We share a parking lot with CVS and Newton Wellesley clinic. Tony-The-Taylor, 2 Asian restaurants, 2 pizza restaurants are next to CVS, and Pappa Razzi and other small eateries are across the street. I don’t have to rave about the staff or the wonderful management. Other residents have well expressed the humanity of living here. P.S. My wife passed about 5 years ago and I moved in by myself. And of course there was a welcome committee to introduce me to other residents so I had someone to eat with while making new friends.

– Arnold, Waterstone at Wellesley Resident

I’m so thankful to be living here in this safe place at this time of uncertainty‼️

– Mary, Waterstone at Wellesley Resident

Thank you to every single member of Waterstone Staff, Management and Community. We are so grateful for all that you have done for us over the last 2 years. 

When we first moved in, we were impressed by the warm and engaging community atmosphere created by both the residents and staff.  The lovely, homey environment and the professionalism, care and commitment of the staff - led us to easily integrate and enjoy our experience at Waterstone. 

But even more impressive, we are so grateful to you for the way you have handled the recent COVID experience. We commend you for your smart decisions and adaptive strategies throughout this crazy unprecedented challenge.  

We want to offer our deeply sincere and heartfelt thank you to every single person on this staff!! You have graciously, patiently, and insightfully protected the residents of this community while maintaining a highly professional and intelligent level of service, combined with personal warmth and commitment.

Your efforts have been heroic, and we hold you in the highest esteem for what you have done throughout our term here.

– Adele, Susan, Erik & Deb, Residents